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Monday, March 1, 2010

My Horror short, Voodoo Hog, won!

I've got some fun news today, I wrote a horror short for a writing group competition and it won! That means that it will be included in an anthology at the end of the year. I'm really excited because for one, it's a nice suprise, and for two, I've never written anything horror before so it was really a challenge for me to write. This next part is cut and pasted out of the thread so you can see the announcement. Anyone want to do the happy dance with me? *doin it, oh yeah, doin the happy dance*

"The Winner of February's Aspiring Writers Short Story Competition

Before I begin, can I give a big thank you to both all the participants of the February competition and all the judges who gave their time in marking what was a really interesting and close fought fight for the genre of 'Horror', which for many of you took you way out of your comfort zone.

I trust that everyone had as much fun reading the stories, as I'm sure the writers had in writing them. The judges certainly weren't unanimous in their decision, which shows both the diversity and quality of the writing.

When collating all the scores, the lead kept changing all the time, which demonstrating how close it was at the top.

In 3rd place was 'Oh Dear' written by Candice Adams

In 2nd place was 'There's only room here for myself by Julia Tagliere

And the winner of February's Aspiring Writers Short Story Competition is..................

...Wendy Swore for 'Voodoo Hog'

So a BIG congratulations to Wendy for an excellent contribution and a worthy winner of our first monthly competition. Wendy's story will now go forward to our Grand Final at the end of the year"


Wendy said...

If you would like to read Voodoo Hog, you can see it here on my scribd profile:


I hope you like it! (its a little creepy. It's horror, what can I say?)

Jaime Theler said...

Congratulations! And you should do the happy dance some more because you also won one of the chairs at the Show Your Love for the Storymakers contest.

Check it out. http://ldstorymakerauthors.blogspot.com/2010/03/and-winners-are.html

Renee Miller said...

Congratulations Wendy. I told you it was awesome. Doing the 'I told you so' dance. Very similar to the happy dance, just so you know.