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Friday, April 29, 2011


Betty Brigg’s  DEPTH OF DECEIT was the 2010 winner of the Silver Quill award for second place in the Fiction category for the league of Utah Writers Publication Awards.

Here’s the back cover:

“Blonde and beautiful, fledging attorney Stephanie Saunders vows to protect the innocent even though as indigent defense attorney her clients rarely are. Does that include Josh Durrant who seems to be following her? Stephanie is dismayed when her peers begin calling her “Prom Queen” as her boyfriend, Todd Saxton, often does. Desperately trying to prove her worth, she falls prey to those who steal her innocence. Although she plans to forgive Todd for his ultimate betrayal, she is never given the chance. Her boss, Attorney Charles Connelly, offers solace, but is Stephanie’s welfare, or his own, top priority? The only thing that keeps Stephanie sane in her insane world are the horses she loves but does not own, especially the abused mare, Riskie Business, whose example helps Stephanie make the most difficult decision of her life. Relying on wit and courage, Stephanie must save herself and another during the final showdown where she proves a loyalty of which she never knew herself capable.”

Sound good? Would you like a free copy? No big hoops to jump through. Follow this blog and leave a comment if you’d like me to send you a brand spankin’ new copy with a cool book mark to go with it. If there are multiple entries, I’ll pull your names out of a hat.

Life is just more fun when books are free!

(Winner will be chosen May 10th)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

If Zombies Attack

Spring break is wonderful...and so is the day we get to send the kids back to school. Today I'm cleaning and getting all those things done that I didn't do during our 2 week break (that's right, TWO weeks!). Just for fun, here's a few tid bits of wisdom that I thought you'd enjoy.
What can I say? They made me smile.
Have you seen anything that brightened your day lately? Share the link or tell us about it.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Winners of Adopt a Book!

Thank you to everyone who adopted a book. I’m sure they will be well loved and cared for in their new homes.

And here’s the list of the proud parents with their new books:

lisasanuma , Unlocked, Ten Key Tales

Renee Miller , Artemis Fowl, and The Wish List.

Michelle Teacress , Artimus Fowl, The Opal Deception

Ladies! Congratulations. Please be sure to email me with your address!