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Wednesday, September 25, 2019


The Wish and The Peacock

Coming February 5th, 2020!

I feel so fortunate to work with Shadow Mountain.  I loved the cover for A Monster Like Me and I love this cover too! I love how sneaky Paige looks here. In this story, Paige doesn't want her farm to sell, and she wants time enough to save a wounded peacock, so she's going to war with the real estate agent. 

From the cover:
Paige's family has faced tough times before, but nine months after the loss of her father, her mom is overwhelmed by the financial challenges and reluctantly agrees to sell their family farm.
        Paige believes she can use her "farm smarts" to try to stop the sale: she puts Vaseline on the cows so they look sickly to potential buyers and pranks the real estate agent by releasing a jar of grasshoppers in her car. 
        With the arrival of a wounded peacock and a city journalist looking for a good human interest story, Paige sees a way to make the farm a solution that will help everyone. 
        With all the changes she faces, Paige learns that sometimes the idea of home is less about a place and more about the people you call family. 

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