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Friday, September 17, 2010

My IRL Update

Hello all you awesome writer cyber-buddies!

I’m overdue for an update on how things are going here on the farm in real life. Did you forget I farm? The title of my blog was a hint, but you can check out the farm here if you like. Goddess of the Corn sounds so much better than Unpaid Grunt Worker--don't you think? 

Well, since the untimely demise of my laptop, my computer time has been extremely limited due to harvest season. Most of my day is spent outside walking though miles (not an exaggeration) of sweet corn rows and picking hundreds of dozens of corn. When I’m not doing that, I’m selling the corn and other fresh veggies out of the garage. I’m also hustling to get ready for the corn maze since every 4th grader in all of Pocatello will be coming to my farm the last 3 days of September. That’s around 1,200 kids, my friends.

The highlight of the day today was word from my husband (computer wiz extraordinaire) that my new laptop will be delivered Monday! This means that in-between helping customers, I’ll be able to access the computer, write, and catch-up on all the wonderful blog posts from you all that I’ve been missing for the last month and a half.

I’ve discovered that my muse hates writing with pen & ink. My first novel was written on the computer and writing without one feels off to me. The result is that I've been taking notes in the notebooks and reading several books a week. (My husband thinks I'm addicted to books--he may be right)

What about you? Have you found that one way of writing meshes best with your creativity? Do you prefer paper, computer or cave drawings perhaps?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Winners of the UNLOCKED Giveaway!

First of all, don’t forget to get your own free ebook download of Unlocked, Ten Key Tales. Wouldn’t you want to read my story, Crop Circles? One super easy click and this YA anthology is yours. http://www.unlockedproject.com 

Now, onto the contest results…

I wrote the names of everyone who entered a “keyn” response to the Unlocked giveaway on cards, put them in a bowl, mixed them up, and then had my 3 year old hand me three of cards.

And the winners of the Unlocked paperback copies are…. Drum roll please.

Grandpa Goose

*Cheers! Yay! Woot Woot!*

Congratulations to the winners and a heartfelt thanks to everyone who entered.