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Friday, August 6, 2010

Book Trailer for Unlocked & Book Giveaway!


Hi everyone! This is the book trailer I've been working on for UNLOCKED, the YA anthology that will be available for free downloads on August 13th. I've just received permission for the music so I'm very excited! I hope you like my first attempt at making a video!

Now, how would you like to win a free physical copy of Unlocked?

Each story in the book contains the word key, though each used the word's meaning differently. So here's your challenge: Think of an unusual way to use the word key and post it in the comments below. At the end of August, I'll draw 3 names and send each a copy of UNLOCKED.
Post your email like myemailATthisserverDOTcom to avoid spam.

Extra entries for every tweet, facebook mention and blog. Be sure to report what you did.

August 13th is nearly here! I can't wait to share this with you all.


MT said...

Will the fact that I used to watch Stars-Key and Hutch when I was a kid help me win a copy? I doubt it, but it was a key-n idea anyway. ;)

Wendy Swore said...

Haha! MT, perfect! Thanks for checking it out.

Angie said...

Great trailer! Let's see: You have to know the key if you want to unlock a song's full potential. (Okay that's kind of lame, but I tried!)

kbrebes said...

I'm all keyed up with excitement! Your trailer is high-key! Congrats! (But I won't be smokin' a key 'cuz I don't smoke!)

RaShelle said...

I talked to Smo(key) the bear and he and I agree that was awesome!!! Okay, that was terrible, but I tried. LOL

franklycreative said...

I tried to download your trailer to watch it--and listen to the music--but I couldn't get it to work for me. Do you have an alternate way I could access it. On AI you mentioned that you are looking for a guitarist that could mimic the music because you can't get them to respond about the rights. My son can do that kind of stuff. Are you offering any kind of compensation or is this a free-be. I ask because he's a poor college student. But would do it for cheap, I'm sure.

Wendy Swore said...

We have permission from the musicians!!! woot woot!

Thank you guys for posting. Keep those entries coming. Creativity is key. *wink*

Cynthia Schuerr said...

The key to the success of "Unlocked" is the talent of the nine fabulous writers.:-)

How is that for schmoozing? :-)

Wendy Swore said...

Cynthia, I've never been schmoozed before. I'll be all kerfluffed for the rest of the day. Thanks!

Wendy Swore said...

Oh! And don't forget to leave your email everyone!!

youremail AT wherever DOT com

I need to be able to get a hold of you if you win. :)

HighlandHussy said...

I don't have a "key" comment to address...okay that wasn't as clever as some of the others :)
But I love your blog, Wendy...I follow you on GR, and for some reason haven't been over here.


Wendy Swore said...

Thanks HighlandHussy,
It's fun seeing you here too!

Debbie Davis said...

Book(key)ing the date in my planner for Aug 13 when Unlocked is released has been the highlight of my day! =0) soo excited. he he he oh and no jok(key)ing I totally loved your trailer! soo cute and creative and lots of fun!

Debbie Davis said...

opps I am so stink(key)ing silly that I forgot to put my email down in my previous post. lol
so here it is dancing_deb2000(at)yahoo(dot)com I am just mak(key)ing sure I am not strik(key)ing the keys too hard. ha ha ha! too much soda,brownies and ice(KEY)ream tonight can you tell? Alright I'm done being silly. lol =0)

Grandpa Goose said...

Your video is very key-rative and inspires me to do the same when I finish my book. Your blog is O-key, too. Good stuff!

Jon said...

I couldn't watch the video, for some reason it wasn't working when I tried. It's a shame too, because I was all keyed up to watch it!! jonmiller@ymailDOTcom

Wendy Swore said...

Jon, I sent you the email version. Hopefully that will work on yours. I understand that mac has issues opening it, but I don't know how to fix that yet. hmmm...

Grandpa Goose, thanks for playing and I love your name!

Debbie Davis, I'm giving you an extra point for all those keys! Most impressive.

Debbie Davis said...

schweetness!! I am soo happy you liked how (key)reative I was being. lol thanks so much! Wendy. I really liked your trailer. I thought it was really (Key)ute. the final one will be lots of fun to watch!

Dee_Marie_SOA said...

Hey Wendy,

Love your final cover and the outstanding job on your video. The key to a first impression is to catch the reader’s imagination, and you have certainly succeeded in doing that.

Wishing you a most amazing ride to stardom.
Dee Marie
Author of the “Sons of Avalon” saga
Conceptual [at] twcny.rr.com

Lani Woodland said...

I loved your trailer! Your pictures were beautiful too. I was wondering if you had taken them. They were stunning. Great job!

Taffy said...

All the comments are (key)ne! heehee

I blogged here: http://taffyscandy.blogspot.com/2010/08/contests.html

And twitted here:http://twitter.com/taffylovell/status/21438997494