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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Good News & Bad News

The Good News: I'll soon have a computer again! As my tweeps and facebook buddies know, My poor laptop died.

We held a candlight vigil for the hard drive amidst much tears, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. Okay so maybe it was just me that mourned the loss of all those outlines and notes that it took to the grave, but still. The bright side of this tragedy is that I've emailed all finished chapters to my writing buddies already so my current WIP (Colorless) and my finished one (Coyote Dreams) are not gone forever--just the notes I've made this summer. (You know, all the research, planning, soul searching, character studies... I need to stop now or I'll forget this is the bright side.)

A fixed laptop means that I'll be able to write during the day again--as opposed to in the middle of the night when I should be resting up for the next big day of unpaid grunt labor--er, I mean farm work. Harvest season here on the farm can be brutal, but I strive to write anyway. You can see what I'm up to on the farm right now here.

The Bad News:
You only have a few days left to win a free copy of my book, UNLOCKED, Ten Key Tales. Leave a comment on this thread and you will be entered for one of 3 free copies. No catches. It's easy! C'mon, don't you know a  reader who needs a new good, clean book? Give it a go.

More Good News:
You can download the book for free right now. Go to http://www.unlockedproject.com/ to get your free copy.

Friday, August 13, 2010

UNLOCKED has been...well, unlocked. *Happy Release Day Everyone!*

Hello All,

UNLOCKED is now available to you free! Check out http://www.unlockedproject.com/ and download this YA collection for you, or your kids for a fun, end-of-summer read. Be sure to put your name in the hat for a one of the 3 free copies I'm giving away. You can enter in the comments here  in my contest.

Would you be willing to give us feedback on the project? Like it? Don't like it? Tell us the how and why. You can join the discussion on Goodreads in the new Unlocked group and even chat with each author about their story there. If you'd rather blog, you can check out http://unlockedproject.blogspot.com/ and connect with authors that way.

Remember, if you tweet, blog, or facebook about UNLOCKED, then you get an extra entry in the hat for  a free copy, just tell me in the comments what you did.


I had the opportunity to be a guest blogger on Christine Bryant's blog series, Friendly Fridays. Would you like to know a little more about me? Check it out on Christine's Blog!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Book Trailer for Unlocked & Book Giveaway!

Hi everyone! This is the book trailer I've been working on for UNLOCKED, the YA anthology that will be available for free downloads on August 13th. I've just received permission for the music so I'm very excited! I hope you like my first attempt at making a video!

Now, how would you like to win a free physical copy of Unlocked?

Each story in the book contains the word key, though each used the word's meaning differently. So here's your challenge: Think of an unusual way to use the word key and post it in the comments below. At the end of August, I'll draw 3 names and send each a copy of UNLOCKED.
Post your email like myemailATthisserverDOTcom to avoid spam.

Extra entries for every tweet, facebook mention and blog. Be sure to report what you did.

August 13th is nearly here! I can't wait to share this with you all.