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Monday, November 21, 2011

Winners for the Variant Giveaway

With the help of Kidlet#5, we've chosen the winners for the Variant givaway!

And the winners are...

........drum roll please.......


And  kbrebes

Congrats, ladies! Look for my email today.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kidlet#1 Reviews: Tears by Rita J Webb.

My eldest child, a book lover like me, wants to review some of her favorite books on my blog. So this is the first installment of… drum roll…
Please note that her opinions are 100% her own.
Kidlet#1 Review: Tears, By Rita Webb.
Review by Kidlet#1 (13 years old)
What was the book about?
It was about Lelea, a cyborg who was sort of insane because her mind lives in the past. And she started to rebel against her father, the evil Father General (muahaha!) by lying and then swearing her own oath to take him down and free her people. She goes on an adventure to find the dragon eggs and save the universe from her father.  Along the way, she finds love.
What did you like best about the book?
I like the adventure and description of the characters, I liked how immensely powerful the words are.
Did anything bother you about the book?
Nothing bothered me.
Who was your favorite character?
My favorite character was Jadon with her self-esteem & endurance.
How many stars do you give this book?  All the stars possible.
Kidlet#1 signing off...and read this book people, it rocks.
Wendy's note: She read the book in 1 day, then turned around and read it again the next. That never happens. It speaks volumes for how well this resonated with her.
Mrs. Webb, I'd say you hit your target audience spot on.
Here's some handy clicky links to find Tears on Amazon, or GoodreadsRita Webb blogs here.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Variant Giveaway to Celebrate Writing Season

As you might have noticed, it’s November—my most favorite month of the year.

Goodbye farming, and hello writing season! I celebrated by attending an awesome writers retreat by Park City, with twenty other writers including Lisa Mangum, Kirk Shaw, Annette Lyon, Danyelle Ferguson, Ali Cross, C.K. Bryant, and many others from Authors Incognito that I'm grateful to call friends.  
Imagine 4 days in a condo/cabin by Park City, Utah, where everyone has a quiet nook of their own to plug in and write. There were enough of us there that we only had to help with one meal for the whole time. Can you imagine? Meals done, quiet time, no kids, almost no calls, and house full of people who shared your same passion for writing. After months of busting my rear on the farm, it was exactly what I needed. We also had prizes for word count sprints, early birds and night owls.
If you ever have the chance to go to a retreat, do it. You deserve it.
To celebrate writing season, I’m giving away 2 copies of Variant by Robinson Wells, a hot new YA dystopian that has been heralded as having the best YA twist since Enders Game. Also, Publishers Weekly has named Variant as one of the best books of 2011. That’s some high praise, my friends.
You can read the synopsis and some of its great reviews on goodreads here.
There are a couple of other great reasons why I chose to give Variant away. Bottom line: it’s an excellent book from a deserving author. If you’ve ever thought of buying it, today is a good day.
TO ENTER the Variant giveaway:

Follow my blog and leave a comment with your email like myemail AT wherever DOT com so spammers don’t find you.
If you would like to tweet or Facebook about the Book Bomb or this post, then you win good Karma and my appreciation for passing it on. J
I'll draw a winner on November 20th!

So, to all you crazy nanowrimoers out there, good luck! (and don’t forget to occasionally do boring things like eat, sleep, speak to your family, and bathe.) To everyone else, may you have a very excellent writing season. I know I will.