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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kidlet#1 Reviews: Tears by Rita J Webb.

My eldest child, a book lover like me, wants to review some of her favorite books on my blog. So this is the first installment of… drum roll…
Please note that her opinions are 100% her own.
Kidlet#1 Review: Tears, By Rita Webb.
Review by Kidlet#1 (13 years old)
What was the book about?
It was about Lelea, a cyborg who was sort of insane because her mind lives in the past. And she started to rebel against her father, the evil Father General (muahaha!) by lying and then swearing her own oath to take him down and free her people. She goes on an adventure to find the dragon eggs and save the universe from her father.  Along the way, she finds love.
What did you like best about the book?
I like the adventure and description of the characters, I liked how immensely powerful the words are.
Did anything bother you about the book?
Nothing bothered me.
Who was your favorite character?
My favorite character was Jadon with her self-esteem & endurance.
How many stars do you give this book?  All the stars possible.
Kidlet#1 signing off...and read this book people, it rocks.
Wendy's note: She read the book in 1 day, then turned around and read it again the next. That never happens. It speaks volumes for how well this resonated with her.
Mrs. Webb, I'd say you hit your target audience spot on.
Here's some handy clicky links to find Tears on Amazon, or GoodreadsRita Webb blogs here.


Rita Webb said...

So cool that Kidlet #1 liked Jadon best! Lelea and Jadon were my favorite characters to write. Lelea was the most me, and Jadon was who I wanted to be.

Thanks for the review. Truly made my day.

Michelle Teacress said...

I love it when kids love books so much. Good for her. :)

Cami Checketts said...

I love this! My oldest son is obsessed with books like me. It's so great to have that in common.