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Saturday, January 21, 2012

My eBook Aha Moment

I'm a bit of a book freak. I love the way they smell, the way they look on my shelves, the way they feel in my hands. I take them everywhere; doctors, dentists, kid's school--anywhere I think I might have a spare minute to wait.

The idea of ebooks never interested me at all. You can't touch them, stack them, hold them, love them, look at them on your shelf, read them in the tub....  You see? what is the point?

Just to try, I downloaded a book last year onto my iphone and read it, but I couldn't get into it and I eventually gave up reading. I decided the screen was too small and it just wasn't as good as a regular physical book.

Well, this week, on a whim, I downloaded On Little Wings, by Regina Sirois. And....*drum roll*... I loved the book, and didn't care one whit that I had an ecopy.

I know it's stupid for me not to realize it at the time, but apparently it wasn't the ebook format I hated last year, but the book itself. (No, I won't tell you which it was.)

I like the instant gratification offered by ebooks. No waiting, no shipping, just BAM! There's your copy. I also liked the price. 2.99? Sweet deal for such an excellent book.

I still prefer hard copies, but I'm branching out. You can see from my goodreads bookshelf picture that I read  mostly YA, but a little of everything else as well.  

So tell me, what are some really good ebooks you have read lately? I'm in the market. (Who knew?)


Mike Keyton said...

I bought 'Super Sad True Love Story'. But all the rest have been free classics. One thing I will say however, is check if the contents are interactive on the free stuff. I got the complete works of G K Chesterton for nothing, but the contents dont work, so if you want to read one particular essay or story you have to click, and click and click until you die. Worth paying a bit for that extra bit of flexibility

Rita Webb said...

Do you have an eReader or just the iPhone? Or are you reading on your laptop? I've saw someone reading from a Kindle at the dance studio waiting room. The screen was a good size, and I've wanted one ever since. It looked just like reading a book.

For good, cheap eBooks, check out the the following blogs: Frugal eReader, ENews Reader Today, and Kindle on the Cheap.

Or you can browse through Amazon. Under Transcendent & Intrinsical & other books you have enjoyed, you'll find a "People who bought this item also bought..." feature. I noticed that many of these books are priced between 99 cents and $2.99.

Rita Webb said...

Whoops, I messed up on one of those blog names. It should be "Ereader News Today".

Cathy said...

I've found it depends on the book too. Some books you just can't get into, e-reader or not.
An e-book I quite enjoyed was Hollowland by Amanda Hocking. It's a YA, though I'm not sure I'd recommend it as one (it get's a bit explicit). If you enjoy the Zombie apocolypse thing and a tough female protagonist, you might like it.

Kimberly Krey said...

I'm like you; it took me a while. Just not quite as long. I've had my nook for about a year and a half and I love just what you love about it-there in an instant and at just the right price (some of the time). I too love actual books though, and can't imagine every saying goodbye for good. :) Thanks for visiting my site. Looks like I've been here before seeing that I joined a while back.

Mary Gray said...

I sped through Amanda Hocking's Trylle series in e-book format. They were actually the first e-books I ever tried and were perfect to read on my phone while I sat on the floor with my kids.

ali cross said...

I *love* ebooks. Like you, I do love hardcopies, too. But yeah. The price? The instant gratification? The portability? Heck YEAH!

Recent good ones I've read ... SECRET OF SPRUCE KNOLL by Heather McCorkle. UNTRACEABLE by Shelli Johannes Wells. I'm sure there's tons more, lol!

My son loved the Gregor series by Suzanne Collins, which he read on my Kindle.

The first two are self-pubbed authors though, so their prices are so cheap. Gotta love the indies!