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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Adopt a Book!

Spring cleaning has yielded duplicate—but wonderful—books that need a home since I’ve ruthlessly ripped them from my shelves. 


BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, hardback Disney classic (my son loves it, can you tell?)

UNLOCKED, TEN KEY TALES - This has one of my stories included in the anthology!

*Wipes a tear* Poor homeless little dears. Do you have a cozy spot on your shelves for these little darlings? The Goddess of the Corn Book-Adoption agency is ready for your application.

To apply:

Follow this blog, leave a comment stating which book you want to adopt, and mention something about what kind of a home you’d give the book = 3 points. 

For multiple entries or to adopt more than one book, you can get extra entries for:

1. Subscribing to this blog via email (The email widget is just above my picture) = 3 points.

2. Sharing this on Facebook or Twitter = 1 point for each post. (use the Facebook link at the top of the page. The one below is giving me fits today)

3. Blog about it, or adopt out some of your own poor homeless books in your Blog and link back = 5 points.

4. Tell me what you did!

Winners will be announced on April 1st (no fooling) *wink*. Good luck everyone!


Anonymous said...

I follow your blog via my Wordpress subscriptions... I'd love to read Unlocked, it sounds like a great anthology! :-D

What kind of home would I give it? Well, it'd be snuggled in among my other books in a bookcase I inherited from my grandfather, where it would be surrounded by books of all shapes and sizes, most of them being young adult or classics. :)

Helen Ginger said...

Does your son know you're giving away a favorite book of his? Hmmm. Someday when he has kids of his own, he'll ask for that book. You know that, don't you? ;-)

Wendy Swore said...

Fear not, Heather, it's a duplicate. I like every one of these books and still have them on my shelves, but these are sneaky duplicates that need to go. I've still got my origional copy.

THanks for stopping by!

Sounds like you've got a great spot picked out for it! Your grandfather's bookcase? What wonderful history!

Mike Keyton said...

Have them all, or my children do. Some are at present in the garage

Mike Keyton said...

Great minds again.

Renee Miller said...

Courtney is very interested in the Artemis Fowl books. What kind of a home will they have? Well Court squirrels all of her books away in a desk-like structure and reads them over, and over, and over, again. They will be much loved. :)
That Steig Larsson book is tempting too...

I've tweeted and posted to Facebook. What an awesome idea. I'd adopt out my books here, but I've just donated a stack to our new library, so I have none at the moment.

CL Beck, author said...

Would love to adopt a book, but ...(sigh)... there's no room at the inn. :)

Oh, I just realized something a minute ago. Did I thank you for stopping by my blog recently and commenting? If not, thanks for coming by; glad you enjoyed it.

Michelle Teacress said...

I love the "adopt a book" theme. I'm already a follower, and would enjoy one of the Artimus Fowl books. Literary love already exists in this household, with plenty of siblings who play in the sunroom daily, PLUS I've got 3 built in babysitters who are very willing to give their time to such a wonderful cause. ;)