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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Contest: 100 Words = ANY Book You Want!

Are you a writer? Yes? Perfect. Then 100 words is a piece of cake for you. Right?

You can write 100 words before finishing breakfast with one-half your brain tied behind your back. But slow down! This isn’t as easy as it seems.

A Drabble must be 100 words exactly. No more. No less. It must be an original, fictional story with a beginning, middle, and end.

So, I’ve decided to sweeten the pot. How would you like to win that book you’ve been drooling over on Amazon? Which book you say? ANY BOOK YOU WANT! I have a wish list a mile long and I bet many of you have a book or two that you haven’t bought yet.

To Enter the Contest You Must:

1. Follow my blog.

2. Write your own drabble following these guidelines and post it in the comments of this blog thread before midnight, Sunday June 13th.

3. End your post with the book YOU want from Amazon and your email (written like: thisismyemail(at)thisprovider(dot)com to prevent spammers).

See? Easy. Want extra entries? You got it. You can get Bonus entries if you:

1. Follow me on Twitter & Tweet about this contest = 2 extra 

2. Post something to Facebook about this contest = 1 extra

3. Blog about this contest -or- Do your own blog with a Drabble contest = 3 extra

....And send me the link. See? Easy.

Here, let me show you one I whipped out this morning so you can get an idea.


Everything will be perfect. Skillfully, I apply the eyeliner and spray the masterpiece that is my hair. Heels, little black dress: preparation for my lover. I live for him, ache for him, depend on him.

His car arrives. A flutter of anticipation fills my belly. My eyes linger on his chest, his face.

The door opens.

I flash a come-hither smile.

He strides across the room, his body inches from mine.

He stoops, groping the recliner for the remote.

Our toddler walks in and vomits on my shoe.

I wince. “Happy Anniversary, Dear.”

The TV flicks on. “What’s for dinner?”


*Snicker* I had you going there for a minute, didn’t I? That’s as risqué as I get, people.

Details: All entries must be acceptable for YA viewers (Nothing nasty, people, or I’ll delete it) If your book cost more than $25 then I will send you an Amazon gift certificate for $25 to go towards the purchase of your choice. The winners will be chosen using Random.org and announced on June 14th.

A special thank you to my good friend, Renee Miller, who challenged the writers from On Fiction Writing to write a Drabble and win a copy of our book Menage-a-20 from Lulu.com. You can follow that link for a chance to win Menage-a-20 with your drabble submission if you like!

******UPDATE! CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED!******* Our winner was Little Berry Girl! Thanks to all who participated.


Renee Miller said...

Looks like the Drabble is catching on. I'll see if I can come up with a new one for your blog. Or...actually, here's one I came up with yesterday:


Hot. Bees buzzing. Annoying.

I lay in the hole I’ve dug to stay cool. I need water. Cars whiz past. No one sees me but the bees.

A car turns into the drive. My car? Legs sprout from the door. Yes, it’s my car. She goes inside.

I wait in my hole, watching the window and the doors. My ears twitch. She’s coming. The door opens. I stand.

“Hey girl. It’s hot, eh? Poor thing.” She sets a bowl of water down, patting my head.

She’s gone. I don’t care. I drink, wagging my tail and listening to the bees.

And that folks, is as non-risque as I get. Wendy and I usually sit at opposite ends of the spectrum and toss cookies and stuff back and forth.

Wendy Swore said...

Psst. Renee, you forgot to say which book you want. I know your email, but everyone else needs to post that at the end too.

I love it, Renee, thanks for playing.

Krista said...

What a great idea! I will definitely do this on my blog in the near future. In the meantime, I will try a drabble and get back to you here!
And thanks for the follow, Wendy! Right back at you!

RaShelle Workman said...

Okay Wendy. I'm already a follower. I tweeted and I following you. I blogged about it and put it on my FB. Here is my lovely drabble.
Pale moonlight. A warm summer breeze.
I wait in anticipation at the open window. My wings flutter against my light, pink dress.

She’s coming. I fly high, hiding behind the ruffled curtain, unable to stifle an excited giggle.

"Will she come tonight mommy? Do you think she’ll come?”
“There’s only one way to find out. Tuck it under your pillow and go right to sleep.”
“I will. Love you mommy. Night.”
“Love you too. Good-night.”

I wait. Listening and watching until she’s asleep.
Flying down, I wiggle under the pillow and leave a shiny quarter.
“Thank you for the tooth.”

My e-mail is rashelleworkmanatgmaildotcom and the book I want, Mmmmmm not sure - ask me when I win. LOL

Wendy Swore said...

I love it. We've fired the toothfairy in our house. She was terrible. Now we pin the teeth to the board and she swaps them out there.

Your drabble is delightful! Thanks for playing!

RaShelle Workman said...

Our toothfairy still exists for the younger two. It's sad when she takes days and days to show up. LOL

LittleMatchGirl said...

It started with a kiss.
I caressed his cheek and sighed. Has it come to this so soon?
He turned and walked through the doors that would give and take so much.
I wanted to run after him, hold him and never let go. He would want that today. But, soon resentment would sprout in his heart. The seed was germinating already from my kiss that he was just too big for.
My hand ached, longing to tousle his hair again.
He used to be all mine; but, now I share with a stranger he will address as “Teacher”.

I want "Seasons of America Past" by Eric Sloane my e mail is swallentine(at)yahoo(dot)com

Wendy Swore said...

Little Berry Girl,

I'm tickled that you submitted this. I thought it was headed towards a romance thing--and suddenly it's a child. Very clever!

Rita Webb said...

I'm posting my fishing one here:

Mick hated fishing. Slimy fish, wiggly worms, hot sun, long boring hours—when you finally catch one, you toss it back cuz it’s too small. Watching his bob bounce in the water, he imagined burning down the local fish-and-tackle.

A tug on his line dragged him from his reverie. Jumping up and down, he reeled it in.

“Grampa, Grampa, look! I got one.”

“You got yourself a live one! That’s my boy!”

Fat and wiggly and about as long as his arm, the bass struggled so hard Mick could barely hold it.

He grinned up at Grampa. He loved fishing.

Rita Webb said...

If I win, I want the book "How to Write a Movie in 21 Days" by Viki King.

Taffy said...

My lungs burn as I run through the darkened forest. I hear my pursuer behind me. The trees are flying past. I sharpen my vision to avoid hitting one.
The darkness is lifting slightly and I can see my goal; home. Safety is within my grasp.
I glance over my shoulder. In my giddiness to escape, his disappearance went unnoticed.
I put in one last burst of speed when I spy the fence.
Suddenly, he’s there. He nips my heel. I go down.
“Stop!” I shout as he tries to lick me to death. He wags his tail in joy.

Hi Wendy! I'm a follower here & on twitter.

Taffy said...

I forgot a few things :)
I blogged your contest and started one of my own! Woot!
I think I would like to read The Golden Spiral.
My email: taffy(dot)lovell(at)gmail(dot)com

Wendy Swore said...

Taffy & Rita,

Thanks for your entries! I wish you the best of luck, and Taffy, I'll have to go enter your contest! Fun stuff. :)

Christina Lee said...

loved your entry ;-) EEK--I must go away and think...

A. F. Stewart said...

Okay, I tweaked the duck story and here's my entry:

Not Your Ordinary Rubber Duckie

To the casual observer it seemed like a simple, forgotten toy left in the bathtub.
However, this rubber duck was waiting for the monster, the creature that lurked in the drain sucking hapless bath toys down its maw, as well as an occasional toe.

The pride of the duckies was ready for a fight; he was a warrior duck, genetically modified for combat, with telepathic abilities. All his training led to today, and that monster was in his sights.

Screeeckk! Claws on metal climbing upward and the duck was ready.
Glurg! Splash!
Down went the Drano into the monster’s maw.

I followed your blog and here’s my email: afstewartauthor(at)gmail(dot)com I'll tweet you as well.

A hard choice considering my long wish list, but for a book I’d choose Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth.

Wendy Swore said...

AF- thank you for the ducky entry. Now everytime I go past the bathroom I'll get the heebeejeebies from their not-so-innocent little rubber faces.

Christina- I look forward to your entry!

Kyle Borland said...

The tabloid headline screamed: 'Panic Spreads as Drive-By Killer Stalks the Streets'. I snorted. The chances-


They rushed me in on a gurney and took me to a private room. A man in white slithered in.

“Remember Anything? Was the assailant driving a Ford? Could you remember the license plate?”

I nodded.

“You see, I would save you if you couldn’t. However,” he flicked a syringe he had filled with morphine, “that Ford belongs to me.”

He inserted the morphine into my IV, “I can’t wait to see what the tabloids will say tomorrow.”

I took my last breath.

- - - - - -

The book i want...not sure. email - kgborland@live.com

Wendy Swore said...

Kyle. Muah-haha! Your evil brain delights in such horror. Thanks for posting. It's always a pleasure to read your writing.

Rachel said...

Hi Wendy. My sister blogged about your contest, and I love it! This was fun. Here is my entry titled "Sad Goodbye".

I breathe deeply, bite my bottom lip, and gather all my courage for my goodbye speech.

“I’m sorry, but we’re no longer working out.” I give her a quick pat, showing my regret.

“Eleven years is a long time. Most of it was really good, but lately you’ve just let me down. I haven’t been able to depend on you ever since that day on the interstate.”

“You will always be my first; I will never forget you.”

I hand the key to my beat up 1999 Ford Escort over to the thrilled teenager buying her for just 1,300 dollars.

I'm anxious to get & read Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, but it isn't even out yet! My email is stanleyfamilyplanetatgmaildotcom

Wendy Swore said...

Rachel, your entry is so funny! I had that same moment of angst when I sold my first car to my brother for a measly $600--though it was worth far more in spirit. Which wonderful gal is your sister?

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to getting to know you better!

Lani Woodland said...

Hey! I re-tweeted it and I'm a blog.

When my alarm went off, the sun was high in the sky. I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes. I stretched and yawned before I remembered the tooth I had left under my pillow the night before. My hand slipped instantly under my lacey pillowcase and found my tooth was gone but I found something else there instead. It was a dollar bill. I held up the money with a grin. She had come. The Tooth Fairy had snuck into my room while I slept, taken my tooth and left the money. I was right! She was real.

I want the book My Double Life. My email is laniwoodland(at)gmail(dot)com

T.J. said...

The room became deathly silent when he walked into the room. All eyes had turned on him, feelings of discomfort falling in line with them. They were people, each and every one of them. But they all had a right to know the truth and it was his duty to give it to them. No matter what he said, some of them may still be disappointed. That’s just the way people were. But as he opened his mouth to speak he wasn’t really sure how to say it. “It’s a girl!” And everyone cheered and hugged. It wasn’t that bad.

Ok, that's my story. Book I want? I didn't think this through....um...The 13th Reality Book 3: Blade of Shattered Hope.
Email: tbronley(at)gmail(dot)com

Wendy Swore said...

Thank YOU all for playing along! Contest is now closed!

Dee_Marie_SOA said...

what a wonderful fun idea. I hate it when I'm late getting the party invitation. Pout.

Looking forward to the next "writing event" and of course the winner of this one :]